What is a virtual phone number?

Comparing to a regular number, virtual one has an undeniable advantage – you can use it without being tied to a certain country. These numbers operate on the principle of redirection and are a handy means for companies with a limited budget to enter foreign markets. They allow you to create a presence effect on the market without establishing a physical company office in a particular country. Calls, SMS, and faxes arriving at the virtual number are processed using the server and are automatically forwarded to the physical standard numbers you specify.

Now you don’t need additional telephone equipment and SIM-cards to stay in touch anywhere around the world. The virtual phone number service from Callii.com allows you to communicate with clients via calls and SMS wherever they are. Thanks to Callii.com, international calls will become handy and accessible to your customers.

International virtual phone numbers from Callii.com

How does it work?

Here are some features of a virtual phone number from Callii.com:

  • Routing technology. Choose a city, mobile or a free number starting with “800”, and set up the forwarding of incoming calls and messages to the specified standard numbers.
  • By indicating an e-mail address during registration of a Callii.com account, you can receive and store faxes for free in PDF format.
  • The virtual numbers are multichannel, allowing you to receive several calls at once.
  • Our virtual numbers provide you with an opportunity to receive calls and faxes simultaneously.
  • The virtual number allows you to call from SIP account.
  • You can install calls redirection from the virtual numbers to Skype.
  • By installing a special X-Lite application you can use the virtual number service directly from your phone or tablet.

Types of the Callii.com virtual numbers

Numbers for calls

Country number with the code of a particular city or an operator. Available in all countries of the world thanks to the calls routing. Allows you to make and receive calls at any convenient time via the landline and mobile phones, SIP or Skype accounts.

Numbers for SMS

With these numbers you can set up SMS redirection from your virtual phone number to any other mobile number at a very favorable price, or free of charge redirection to e-mail or URL. They also allow you to process an unlimited number of messages, as well as to send bulk SMS at an affordable price.

Fax number

With the fax numbers you will forget about the costs of fax machines and related consumables. Moreover, faxes will be delivered to you by e-mail in PDF format absolutely for free.

Free «800» phone numbers 

These numbers allow customers to contact your company free of charge. The call is paid for by the company. Moreover, the “800” phone numbers are multichannel, which makes it possible to receive calls from several clients at once.

Numbers for calls and SMS

Combine all the above advantages of virtual numbers for calls and SMS.

Numbers for calls and faxes

These allow to receive calls and faxes by providing all the above advantages of numbers for calls and faxes.

Multichannel numbers

Multichannel number provides an opportunity to receive several calls at once by distributing them between managers available when a call reaches the network.

Free numbers

By connecting a free number, you don’t pay for the connection, and are also exempt from the further subscription fee. All you need to use the number is to replenish your account monthly starting from $ 30. You can use this money to make outgoing calls or to purchase additional numbers.

8 key advantages of a virtual number from Callii.com

  • Connecting a mobile or landline phone number without purchasing a SIM card and additional equipment.
  • Ability to receive and make calls via IP phones, computers, smartphones and tablets, regardless of location.
  • Wide redirection capabilities.
  • A chance to reduce significantly your telephony costs.
  • High quality and clear connection.
  • Wide opportunities for advancing of the phone number functional thanks to additional services.
  • The VoIP telephony technology provides low price for overseas calls.
  • 24/7 technical support at your service.