Nowadays any smartphone owner can arrange his/her life by using only one small device. Furthermore, today one doesn’t have to remember long phone numbers, as they are all stored on the phone and all you need to do to contact someone is just tap couple times on the screen. By using an IP-telephony you can save money on international as well as intercity calls. By subscribing to new services from, you can substantially improve the functionality of your phone number.

Why do you need extra services for virtual numbers?

A single virtual number is not sufficient to grow your clients’ database, improve business processes and boost your company’s capacity. That’s why has some additional services to offer for your virtual numbers. For instance, there are situations when you need to record a conversation and there is no suitable device at hand. You may also need to conduct simultaneous negotiations with several colleagues – that’s when «Conference call» service will be very handy for you. All you need to do is to get a virtual number. Only with additional services, you can objectively evaluate all the opportunities offered by IP-telephony.

Advantages of a virtual number with extra services

Regardless the type of virtual number you are using, you will always have the possibility to connect additional services to it, which will make your life easier.
Advantages are obvious:

  • Use the virtual number regardless your location;
  • Save money;
  • Receive toll-free calls;
  • Calls transfer option facilitates management of phone calls;
  • You can be reached anywhere in the world;
  • Sustainable phone number operational;
  • High-quality of connection;
  • A possibility to make cheap calls abroad;
  • A wide range of extra services for the effective telecommunication.

As you see your communication with colleagues, partners and clients can become easier and more comfortable without putting major efforts. After connecting a few extra services you won’t worry about missing an important call or failing to make a call to a foreign country.

Extra services

Below you will find a complete list of additional services offered by All these services are easily adjustable and can be used 24/7. Every service was designed with a concrete purpose and is available for different types of numbers. For instance, you can connect all services mentioned below to the virtual number for calls, while only some of them to an SMS number. The information on prices for all additional service is available in your Personal Cabinet on our website, or you can also get it by contacting our managers. Order any of these services to improve your communication with your clients, partners or relatives:

  • Welcoming message – greet your clients with a «welcoming message» which will help to create a positive impression about your company. Record your individual welcoming message with short information about your company and offered services;
  • IVR menu – an extra function allowing to create a short presentation of your company. Furthermore, using voice menu and phone’s numeric character set a client can address his/her call to a particular operator;
  • Background music – while staying on hold on the line, they will be able to enjoy the music instead of being bored by an annoying dial tone. This service will also allow to increase the on-hold time providing for more clients to be connected with an operator;
  • History of calls – an easy and fast way to monitor all your calls. Now, you will be able to get information about time, duration, the price of call as well as phone numbers of your clients and other data without leaving your office.
  • Voice message – is an answering machine analog, which allows clients to leave short voice messages in case they failed to reach you (for instance, if your number was busy or unavailable). You can later play this message in your Personal Cabinet.
  • Recording of conversations – allows to record outgoing and incoming calls from all or selected numbers of your company as well as helps to solve disputable questions with employees;
  • Conditional transfer of calls – virtual telephony allows to change transfer of calls to any required device anytime. It gives you a possibility to answer phone calls 24/7. All you need to do is to set a calls transfer order which is convenient for you.
  • Click to call – every potential client can contact your office directly from the website of your company. All the customer needs to do is to press the «Call» button. This service is simple and easy to use. Furthermore, such calls are free-of-charge for clients.
  • Call back – by using this service your clients can order a call-back directly from your website even when making calls from abroad. Such call will be considered as incoming for both subscribers and thus will be toll-free.

You can choose a subscription to extra services depending on your personal needs. That’s why you can always suggest your version of the service usage. We’ll consider your suggestions in order to help you adjust your virtual number and additional services according to your vision. For any additional information please contact our tech support office by phone, write us an e-mail or drop us a line in Skype or in an online-chat.