What is cloud PBX?

Business telephony installation is connected for many companies with lots of extra costs – such as purchase of stationary PBX and expensive equipment, payment for station tuning services, etc. Virtual PBX from Callii.com helps to avoid all the above spending, while saving your time. Our virtual PBX tuning algorithm is simple. You can connect and tune our virtual PBX for yourself, without any additional help.

«Cloud PBX» from Callii.com means:

  • Free telephone number.
  • Unlimited number of SIP accounts.
  • Ability to assign an internal number to every employee or department.
  • Ability to set up a personal call-center.
  • Free calls within the network.
  • Ability to connect any number of internal phones.
  • High data protection level.
  • High data protection level.
  • A wide range of the Callii.com additional services allow for flexible tuning the virtual PBX to your personal needs.

How Cloud PBX works?

The advantages of using our virtual PBX

By connecting the virtual PBX you get the ability to control outgoing and incoming calls, change routing settings, listen to recorded conversations, etc. A wide range of options for IP telephony setting, in its turn, will enable the implementation of telecommunications solutions in the best way possible to meet the needs and challenges of your business. Other advantages of Callii.com virtual PBX are:

  • Free calls within the network.
  • Ability to connect any number of internal phones of any kind – direct, mobile, and free «800» phone numbers.
  • 24/7 access to the service.
  • No ties to physical address.
  • No need to buy expensive equipment.
  • Lots of useful functions are provided «by default» after connection to the virtual PBX.

Purchasing the «cloud PBX» service

To connect the cloud PBX you need to complete the following actions:

  • Register on our web-site;
  • Replenish your account for $50 or more;
  • Choose a phone number;
  • Send us a request from the registered account to connect the virtual PBX, indicating the selected number, as well as the services you would like to connect.

The ordering and connection algorithm of the virtual PBX is quite simple. However, if you have any additional questions, you can always contact our technical support.

The price of connection to the cloud PBX:

The price of connecting the virtual PBX is $15 .

The monthly fee for using the PBX is – $40 .