Companies make thousands of calls abroad every day, but the high price of international calls don’t allow them to fully enjoy the functionality of this type of communication. Nevertheless, there is a solution. Now you will be able to substantially decrease your expenses for international communication thanks to SIP-telephony from You can check all advantages of this system yourself. By registering an account at website you will get the possibility to call other subscribers from other regions for a reasonable price as well as make cheap online-calls to other countries using our applications.

About cheap international calls

Virtual telephony is based on the transfer of signal via IP-network which provides a lot of advantages compared to traditional telephony – from a higher quality of the signal transfer to cheaper prices. Calls are made via SIP-application – special software designed for making outgoing online calls. Currently, there are a lot of such programs, so you’ll always be able to find the most suitable for you.

Advantages of international online-calls

Unlike many popular apps for international calls, VoIP telephony allows to contact both mobile and local phone numbers. Other major advantages of the VoIP-telephony are:

  • Cheap calls to any foreign country;
  • Funds for the purchase of SIP-account are always available at your account and can be used to pay for outgoing calls;
  • You don’t have to change SIM-card or subscribe for the expensive roaming services during missions or travels;
  • The price of virtual calls made via SIP-account is quite low if compared with tariffs for international calls proposed by traditional mobile operators;
  • Reliability of the communication channel;
  • High quality and speed of signal transfer;
  • By purchasing a virtual number from your receive a free SIP-account;
  • A possibility to subscribe for additional services for your number (for example a voice message, blacklist, welcoming message and others), which will substantially expand its functionality;
  • You are not attached to a particular address;
  • High speed of connection;
  • Attraction of new customers;

How to call via the Internet?

Today cheap international online-calls are made with the help of virtual telephony, in particular, SIP-applications – so called «softphones» which are basically applications with pre-paid and free of charge functions. We, at, advice to use the following programs for the ultimate online call experience.

    • PortGo. The easiest to install program with a user-friendly interface for making and receiving calls.
    • Zoiper. Allows to make and receive calls everywhere in the world. The app is toll-free and is compatible with all operating systems.
    • IP-телефон. A device which helps to receive and make free-of-charge calls. You don’t need any additional cables to use it, only the stable Internet connection is required.

In order to make virtual calls with a softphone, you need to register a SIP-account. You can receive one for free at our website by connecting it to the already existing virtual number. In such case, subscribers will see your virtual phone number instead of the message «Number could not be determined».

Furthermore, you can use an IP-phone which can be installed at home or in office instead of a SIP application. We also propose to connect this phone to the service of virtual number transfer, which will enable you to remain permanently in contact with your clients.

Price of international virtual calls

The payment for outgoing calls is charged according to your subscription plan. Still, it’s much lower than the price of traditional telephony due to the absence of additional expenses – all you need is a SIP-account, a device with installed application (a computer, a tablet or a smartphone), or an IP-phone and a permanent Internet connection. Monthly subscription fee also includes the price of extra services which you are subscribed to.

In order to get information about virtual numbers as well as corresponding tariffs, you can visit our website, or directly contact our managers. Let us remind you that when purchasing a virtual number you’ll be able to register a SIP-account for free.

How to start using a virtual number?

In order to start using a virtual number, you have to install a SIP-application such as Zoiper or X-Lite to one of your devices. After that, you need to run the application and enter your login, password and domain address. We’ll send you these credentials via the e-mail. Make sure that you have a permanent access to the Internet. That’s it, now you are ready to use your virtual number.

If you want your clients to see the number you are calling from and give them a possibility to call you back, then Caller ID service from is just right for you. You can also order a virtual number for SMS or faxes. These numbers will allow you to send SMS to any country in the world as well as receive faxes in PDF format to your e-mail.  

Receipt of calls with SIP services

After installing the SIP application you’ll get the possibility to access all advantages of SIP-telephony at a reasonable price. At the same time «Toll-Free 800» numbers will help you improve the image of your business as they will be able to contact your company for free. With services you will easily keep up with the pace of tech progress!

By subscribing to services of our cloud PBX you will be able to create an unlimited number of SIP-accounts yourself. You will get an opportunity to set up a free of charge internal communication network by assigning all employees of your company with separate numbers and by subscribing to selected extra services. Virtual telephony is a contemporary and practical form of communication which provides unlimited opportunities for companies as the price for international calls via the IP network is low while the quality and reliability are high.

Besides aforementioned advantages of online-calls, there is a number of additional features designed to expand the functionality of your virtual number including the recording of calls, detailed statistics on calls, «black» and «white» lists, background music, etc. These are only some of functions which our company proposes to improve the efficiency of your business. With you will be able not only to make cheap phone calls but to improve the efficiency and convenience of communication with your clients. You can get information on current prices for our services at our website or by contacting our managers.