Virtual Phone Numbers

Forwarding calls, SMS and faxes using VoIP technology.

Cloud PBX

Complex telephony of your business and increase of its efficiency with the help of VoIP services.

SIP Calls

Cheap domestic and international online calls via SIP-technologies.

Additional Telephone Services

Various extra services for using virtual phone numbers. Install them to optimize your telephony.

What we offer?


Virtual Phone Numbers

Receive and make calls all around the world without being tied to your place by redirecting to Skype, SIP, and other landline and mobile phone numbers.

Virtual SMS Numbers

With our numbers you can also receive and send SMS using virtual mobile numbers using the function of forwarding messages to a smartphone, email or URL.

Virtual Faxes

Forget about bulky fax machines. Get free faxes by e-mail directly in PDF format.

0-800 Service

With the 0-800 Service customers will be able to contact your company absolutely for free at any time convenient for them. This service also provides the ability to forward calls to SIP, Skype and other numbers.

Cloud PBX

Virtual PBX is a handy and effective system of online telephony, requiring no additional costs. Create your own telephone system using various VoIP services without any additional equipment.

VoIP telephony & VoIP calls also provides a lot of extra services that increase effectiveness of your online telephony system, including: IVR-menu, call forwarding and transferring, statistics and calls monitoring, conversation recording, video conferencing, etc.

Cloud telephony services for business from


Call Forwarding

Install call forwarding for Skype, SIP or another number.

Voice IVR menu

A handy tool that allows customers to get quick access to relevant information.

Voice greeting

Information message about the company is the first thing a subscriber hears when he contacts you.

Background music

Ability to save the customer from annoying phone rings while waiting for the operator’s response.


Creating a blacklist of subscribers will increase the efficiency of employees by saving their time on conversations with unwanted subscribers

Call recording

Recording outgoing and incoming calls will enable you to analyze information about customers, and also to adjust your employees’ communication style.

Call history

Statistics for all calls (duration, time, date, etc.) for the selected period.

Bulk SMS service

The ability to deliver important information to hundreds of customers in just a few clicks.

Online calls

Install the widget and let the client call you directly from the site.


A simple and handy feature that allows the client to contact you, even if he has run out of money on the account.

Custom forward

Ability to set call forwarding parameters best adapted to your needs.

Voice mail

Provide your client with the opportunity to leave a voice message, in case he could not get through or contacted you during non-business hours.

8 Reasons to choose

  •  High Service Quality

     Our company provides high quality service. If you don’t believe us, check for yourself.

  •  Universality

     A wide range and adaptability of services allows you to use it effectively for personal and business purposes.

  •  Availability

     The price policy of our service will help to control your telecommunication costs.

  •  Wide Functionality

     A wide range of functions of the service will allow you to adapt it efficiently to the individual needs of your business.

  •  Comfortable payment methods

     We work with several payment systems at once, so you can always choose the most handy method of payment.

  •  User-friendly Interface

     Simple and intuitive service interface is easy to use. You will need a minimum amount of time to get used to it.

  •  International Calls

     By making international calls via our service you can always be sure in the connection quality and adequate price.

  •  24/7 Technical Support

     Our specialists always work 24/7 for you.